Welcome to Planet Ria

Welcome to Planet Ria – ” The Universal Agony Aunt”

What kind of personality type are you? I’m the analytical type. I don’t trust easily and I ponder facts and churn things around in my head until I find some logical explanation and look for at least 5 “bits” of sound advice.

So why Planet Ria? I’ve decided to create a mystical Planet where one can simply unleash their stories. All kinds of stories.. People love stories. As kids our Mother’s used to read us a story – it was the introduction to reading.

Well what kind of story do you have to tell ? Everyone has a story to tell. Yes, some have real horror stories or just a slice of life story. Perhaps you want to let off steam about your friend, lover, Mother or Brother – be they happy stories or sad stories.. but stories you have and stories they are.

Perhaps you have a mystical, esoterical, weird, unbelievable, a conspiracy theory or an urban legends, tall stories, short stories or perhaps you just want to repeat some things that you hear or overheard being said.

Truth is, analytical people like me, would probably have sleepless nights , analysing your stories and trying to make sense whether the story is true or not, whether it is possible or not and who is telling the truth or not.

Have you ever wondered about all those “things” that people speak about that leaves you – well just a little flabbergasted. Well, I am inviting you to join me on my Planet and let’s hear your story. Our Planet “World” is large and there is an overwhelming wealth of free advice out there – Share our story and let the Universe align you with the perfect comment and the right advise.

Planet Ria – is the universal “Agony Aunt”. What? You don’t know what an “Agony Aunt” is.. well let me explain – in a lot of popular (mostly) women’s magazines there was and still is a feature page where readers can write their problem in a letter and address it to the editor for the attention of  “Dear Aunty Maggie”.. who would then kindly offer some advice and publish the article.

Yes, that was helpful in the day, but can you imagine – you had a real problem, and need an answer like now! Oh Man! You had to wait a whole month before the next issue of the magazine hit the magazine stands, and if you were lucky enough, ” Aunty Maggie” had published your article with some sound advice.

Well That was the day and now we are fortunate enough to live in modern world of great technological innovation. Where you can get an answer to almost anything almost as fast as you blink your eye.

So go ahead, join me on Planet Ria and hear what the rest of the world out there us talking about, agonizing about and pondering about. Look forward to hearing from you.